Spare a thought – reverse mortgages

Skyrocketing home prices were ignored by the retired masses. With limited income and huge equity stored in their primary houses, thousands of retired home-ownders in the US and UK dipped into the equity in their houses. photo credit: TheTruthAbout… Banks facilitated this through the creation of home equity release products or “reverse mortgages”. The bank […]

Visagie still around?

A comment came in today on an old article about the dodgy lending scheme Rudie Visagie was proposing. The reader “trymore” provides some details of a new deal apparently being run by Rudie Visagie. As I stated last time this gentleman’s name came up, I have no personal interest or involvement here at all. My […]

Lack of faith in ABSA house price index

ABSA appears to be restricting the access of equity in home loan accounts that were specifically sold with this feature in mind.  Moneyweb’s article on the real estate shocker has already totally nearly 70 comments. What this says about ABSA’s house price index What’s interesting is that ABSA’s house price index has remained positive throughout […]

Fixing the “too big to fail” problem

Call it what you will, US taxpayers now own Fredie Mac and Fannie Mae. Too big to fail Fannie and Freddie became so large that their failure would reverberate around the US financial sector, and housing market, eventually spilling over into global financial markets and possibly the global economy. Well that’s the theory. This was […]