Economic indicators in pictures

I struggled to find a decent data-set of past economic indicators off the web. I’m sure there’s an easier way, but I had to trawl the horrible formats of Stats-SA and the Reserve Bank to get the mangled data underlying this graph. Seems like Stats-SA is either deliberately obfuscating their data, or they’re working on […]

Pass me that nail would you

A frequent comment about why “property prices will keep going up” is that: They aren’t making land any more Building costs keep going up Our population is growing If these points are true, then this would provide a strong force to push property prices up. It still wouldn’t mean property prices couldn’t decline. Citizens still […]

ETFs and gearing, and the property market

Brief introduction to Exchange Traded Funds An “ETF” is an “Exchange Traded Fund”. In it’s simplest form, it is: a company… with very specific assets (e.g. gold bullion or a portfolio of shares with the exact weights of a particular index)… listed on (and traded on) and exchange in which one can invest to get […]

Didn’t expect this? Then you were foolish.

FNB has confirmed that they will be pulling approvals for home loans on a large scale. Many seem to have been caught by surprise. Fools. To an outsider, it appears that FNB made a mistake in underestimating the trouble in the property market when they first gave these approvals. Their estimates of property price growth, […]