Swazi King not sure he wants the conditions attached to the loan

This is really fantastic news.  The Swazi King is apparently reluctant to accept the loan from South Africa because of the conditions imposed in the agreement. I was quite harsh in criticising the granting of the loan with only conditions for improvement far down the line.  (I still believe the first condition should be an […]

Why S&P downgraded

I don’t think many serious investors care that S&P downgraded US debt. Bond yields are down (more on this in my next post), which means prices are up. US stocks are down, but that’s more about concerns about US and global economic prospects than the credit of the US government. Nevertheless, S&P did downgrade. Why? […]

In case you somehow missed it: US downgraded to AA+

S&P has downgraded the US from AAA to AA+. Is this economics? Is this politics? Is this accurate? All good questions. Does it matter? Not really. There may be some technical problems associated with the definition of “risk free” particularly when it comes to discounting cash flows at at “risk free curve”. The problem South […]