How not to lose money in Make a Million

I have a clear strategy for how not to lose money playing the Make a Million competition. As I explain it, you may come up with some smart tactics to win the competition and enhance your returns, but you’re on you’re own there. So, how does one not lose money with the Make a Million […]

I promise to pay the bearer

Recently had a discussion around whether government should intervene to influence the exchange rate. Now, I don’t have fully thought-through views on if and when and how and by how much this should be done. Still thinking it through (and having to reconsider many things about currencies, interest rates, inflation, open market purchases, sovereign wealth […]

The Power of Misconceptions

In broad terms, we are all mostly ignorant. Worse than ignorant, we have notions and views, firmly held, that are entirely incorrect. We only complain about what we don’t like Nobody complains to their boss that they are overpaid. Nobody complains that their pension or social security increases were above inflation last year. We don’t […]

Repo down by 50bps

Looks like my money is safe – Reserve Bank cut rates as predicted. Thinking about trying to predict for each MPC meeting then tracking my performance over time so I can be held accountable. Will mull over this first I am not that sure I’ll be sufficiently confident to stick my neck out in future!

Property investment – the value of data over opinions

Lightstone have a trick up their sleeves. Their raison d’être is collecting, analysing, understanding and packaging data for themselves and others to use to understand past, current and future property valuations. Their housing price index is more robust (and more independent) than those of the banks based off their own data and target markets. Rather […]

Most decisions are made without all the information

Tyler Reed blogs about entrepreneurs having to make decisions with limited information. It’s almost all unknown I don’t disagree.  It’s just that almost every meaningful decision ever made is made without all the information. Unknowns can be categorised a hundred different ways. One way is to think about: Unknown past information Uncertainty around the current […]

5 Things to Learn from Monopoly

I haven’t played Monopoly in a while (preferring Settlers of Catan, Carcasonne, Tigris and Euphrates and even Cranium), but after a recent conversation I started thinking about the game dynamics. There is surprisingly much that is relevant to the current story of our economy. 1 The Competition Commission is necessary Monopolies serve to increase prices […]