Presentation to ACAL on GI Pricing

I gave a presentation on a holistic approach to ratemaking using predictive models yesterday to the Lebanese Insurance Association (ACAL, the acronym for the association in French). Over a hundred people attended, and there certainly seemed to be interest in the topic. A common response though was that Lebanon isn’t yet ready for that, because […]

Lack of faith in ABSA house price index

ABSA appears to be restricting the access of equity in home loan accounts that were specifically sold with this feature in mind.  Moneyweb’s article on the real estate shocker has already totally nearly 70 comments. What this says about ABSA’s house price index What’s interesting is that ABSA’s house price index has remained positive throughout […]

5 Mistakes you make when you leave the science out of marketing

Marketing is naively thought to be mostly art and very little science. While it is true that there is are elements of inspiration and creativity and passion involved, the balance of an effective strategic marketing role is heavily in favour of science. As a further point to consider, I put forward the proposition that much […]

Will an individual investment product development role help towards actuarial consulting career?

An old contact mailed me a couple of days ago asking my view on two possible actuarial positions. He was interested in whether either would be suitable preparation for a consulting or actuarial consulting role in future. I thought the answer might be of broader interest, so I’m copying it, with a little editing to […]

Why premium size matters (more than you think)

Most people involved with insurance recognise that more premium is better (ceteris paribus of course). This is usually true (and occasionally not) but while some of the reasons are obvious, there are a variety of more subtle factors to take into account. This post will cover many of these factors, and point out a few […]

Additional Analysis of SEOmoz web popularity data provide some great resources on search engine optimisation (“SEO”). Recently, they performed a really interesting analysis comparing actual site traffic for 25 sites that volunteered their data against indicators from a range of competitive intelligence metrics from sources such as Google PageRank, Technorati Rank, Alexa Rank and’s very own Page Strength Tool. The […]