Return to mumbling (redux)

Since my recent post outlining how the distraction Eskom’s proposed higher charges distracted us from more important considerations such as their underlying efficiency, new evidence has emerged validating another point from my original post, Mumbling in the Dark. The DA has released a confidential report outlining how Eskom has been selling heavily discounted electricity, sometimes […]

Interconnecting confusion

Interconnect fees and the reasons for their reduction are possibly the most misunderstood “big” news story over the last twelve months. The hype and hoopla around this topic is fueled by our feelings as consumers of being charged too much big big monopoly companies. So I should start by saying that I’m not saying that […]

More medical trouble

After my last post around common misunderstandings of how medical schemes operate,  I saw a Fin24 article on South African medical schemes that are below the required minimum solvency. What Fin24 readers had to say Nolulamo Matutu from Fin24 writes: Acting CEO of the CMA Patrick Matshidze told MPs 18 schemes have fallen below the […]

Rudie still trucking and ducking?

photo credit: johnnyalive A reader has some news, potentially about Rudie Visagie and another Rudco-style plan. Neither I nor the reader are sure about the details yet, but the story sounds all-too-familar. I read your article on the web when i googled Rudy Visagie. How very interesting to note all concerns people are having about […]

Profit margins on ice

Profit margins are being squeezed by decreased spending power of consumers. That is true, but it is also not the full story. Competitive pressures, buyer and supplier power dictate sustainable margins in the medium to long term. photo credit: abooth202 has a story this morning around Shoprite’s results and pricing strategy going forward. The […]

Insured against ranting and rambling

Moneyweb has an article describing the failure of the South African insurance industry to provide insurance to the wider population, including lower income markets such as the banking sector has done. There are some interesting points to discuss here, and I’m certainly not saying the industry could not do more. However, there are some fairly […]

How not to do SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an unfortunately necessary part of driving traffic to discover a website. Good content is necessary but not sufficient. Why SEO is necessary A large percentage of web traffic is directed by search engines. After all, this is how Google has become the giant company that it is. I tried to […]