If your model has always been wrong

Piet, a reader who comments from time to time on this blog, hasn’t enjoyed what I’ve said about the economy recently. I’ve tried really hard, entirely ineffectively it seems, to answer his points and tease out exactly where his real problems lie. This post by Paul Krugman talks exactly to “Piet’s views” – the deep-seated […]

Narratives vs facts

I don’t usually write about The Final Frontier, but this article has a great parallel to what I do write about. It’s worth reading the entire article, but the main message is that we cannot use the dream or story or fairy tale of imminent migration into space and other planets as an excuse not […]

Communicating harsh truths

Communication is critically important for any business. Communication with clients and employees defines those relationships and the value they can create for everyone. Managing poor performance is tough because it’s so easy and so attractive to shy away from communicating the truth. Avoiding conflict and not addressing problems is far worse for all concerned. Robert […]

Compounding wisdom from a surprising source

I really struggled when Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi announced (many sources, but here is one) that private healthcare costs have increased by 121% over the last decade. He continued: “Over the past decade, private hospital costs have increased by 121%, while over the same period, specialist costs have increased by 120%.” Anyone who measures growth […]

Teamwork from HBR

Found these views on teamwork interesting, and largely in line with my own experiences. In particular, I’ve gone from thinking videoconferencing is all we need to the realisation that in-person interaction is important. I’d add to the point about stable, long-standing teams performing better by suggesting this is at least partly through better understanding each […]

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