what a difference several years make

The laminated card in the seat pocket of the SAA Boeing 737-800 I’m flying in describes how I can use most devices in “flight mode” once in the air.
It’s dated November 2011, but I’m quite sure I’ve still heard cabin crew telling people off for not having their phones off over the last two months. However late, be it several years or several years and two months, the relaxation of the draconian and relatively unique restrictions on the use of electronic devices in the air has been lifted.
So rather than losing 4 hours of my life with every Cape Town – Joburg trip, I now lose more like 2 hours and get to plough through an embarrassingly large list of unattended emails and arrive with a sense of accomplishment, lower stress levels and hopefully fewer irate colleagues waiting on email replies.
Now I can’t wait for a wifi connection so I can retrieve truncated emails and attachments and communicate in real time. And publish the posts I write while on the plane!