Island Life

There is a Mauritian insurer called Island Life. Best name ever for an insurance company.

I firmly believe in anthropogenic climate change. I am not an expert, but my reading has convinced me of the seriousness of the issues, the overwhelming evidence that it is humans at fault. Having young children makes me seriously concerned about our ability to remedy the mess we’re in for their sake.

Part of my very inwards focussed, selfish research was on the practical impact for where I live. Unfortunately for my cycling aspirations, this is current on the bottom slopes of Table Mountain.  Fortunately for my flood risk, the same.

The screen capture below is of an extreme, and hopefully not realistic, 30m rise in sea levels.  The website I used for visualising the impact of sea level rises makes no claims to accuracy, but it is interesting all the same.

Oranjezicht in Cape Town mostly stays above the water line even with 30m rise in sea level

The fact that my house is on dry land doesn’t nothing to address the loss of the Cape Town Foreshore and most of the city.  The picture is worse in the Netherlands of course, but all of our reclaimed “foreshore” is obviously gone.

However, the part that I missed until I zoomed out a little is that my dream of living on an island may just come true.  Not exactly what I had hoped for playing Kokomo.

I always wanted to live on an island