Summary of November links

These are some of the stories I’ve followed or commented on in November:

  • Pro-cyclical fiscal policy from Nigeria. Knee-jerk reactions are usually not the right answer
  • eVoting seems error-prone and fraud-suspect around the world. Good luck Namibia…
  • IASB: re-deliberations will extend into 2015. Performance measurement, participating contracts still unresolved
  • Namibia has the second highest house-price inflation in the world of 29% every year – second to Dubai
  • Please stop using SA85-90 “combined” as your base mortality table
  • 2014 mid-year EV analysis
  • MG digs dirt, eventually, on 2002 Zimbabwe elections. Asks some thought provoking questions about election monitoring
  • Consolidation in Kenyan life insurance sector. More needed, more to come surely.
  • Doing business on our continent isn’t always easy.
  • Selective lapse impacting mortality?
  • Why model structure matters, not just passing the calibration tests
  • The inevitable growth of solar energy. Declining prices help emerging markets with plenty of sunshine. #Africa…
  • The Beveridge curve and long term unemployment.