LAC Seminar 2013 live tweeting complete list

A few people have mentioned that they found my “live blogging” or tweeting of the 2013 LAC Seminar in Cape Town and Joburg useful. I used the hastag #LACseminar2013. I’m repeating all of them here in case they’re useful in a slightly more long-lived medium of my blog. I didn’t cover all the sessions – below is all there is and yes, in reverse order for bizarre reasons I’m not going to go into now.

@23floor: Also, envisaged that product specifications, including commission, must be filed with regulator #LACseminar2013 #microinsurance

@23floor: And yes, a range of market conduct, board composition requirements are envisaged for micro insurance #LACseminar2013 #microinsurance

@23floor: Raw (cleaned and anonymize) data *might* be released publically. I would definitely support this. Data should be open #LACseminar2013

@23floor: PA90 understates mortality on average, but more under for males and only a little over for females #LACseminar2013

@23floor:The earlier you retire, the longer you’ll live. Early retirement pensioners have lower mortality #LACseminar2013

@23floor:Still insufficient data to assess long term mortality improvements? 2005 starting point too late, an awful pity #LACseminar2013

@23floor:Huge differences in gender splits across industries #LACseminar2013 that is expected, but care in analysing gender, industry differences

@23floor:Study had 80% of females from government employees. Around double males #LACseminar2013 surprising

@23floor:Only 16% early retirements (not due to ill health) #LACseminar2013

@23floor:31% of pensioners retired due to ill health. Seems high! #LACseminar2013

@23floor:.@JRvdMerwe policies can auto-renew. For cheaper cars, micro insurance definitely an option #LACseminar2013

@23floor:Pensioner mortality study used almost 3 million life years of exposure. 120,000 deaths #LACseminar2013

@23floor:New standard table for assured lives in the works if data quality sufficient #LACseminar2013

@23floor:Mortality experience on New Gen products significantly lower than on Old Gen. Underwriting differences? #LACseminar2013

@23floor:Young and old female smoker appear to have lighter mortality than non smokers. Clearly a data problem! #LACseminar2013

@23floor:Younger ages, below age 35, have lower mortality than prior investigation in 2001 #LACseminar2013

@23floor:“New Gen mortality analysis based in 2003 to 2010 data.” That’s finally credible! #LACseminar2013

@23floor:CSI committee update – different presenter, same jokes. They’re funny though so that’s ok. #LACseminar2013

@23floor:Market conduct issues are particularly important in the micro insurance space #LACseminar2013

@23floor:Microinsurance licenses might be appropriate for many existing insurers as well as unregulated entities. #LACseminar2013

@JRvdMerwe: @23floor key feature that makes a product “microinsurance” is 12 month limit. So will motor insurers be able to go MI route #LACseminar2013

@MelloryL: @23floor is patiently waiting for updates to #microinsurance regulation, but work continues by the 20 committee members #LACseminar2013

@23floor:“The Board ultimately signs off the ORSA. Likely supported heavily by CRO and/or Appointed Actuary” #LACseminar2013

@23floor:Btw, ORSA is Own Risk and Solvency Assessment #LACseminar2013

@23floor:“Solvency needs to expressed in quantitative terms, complemented with quantitative information” #LACseminar2013

@23floor:“The Board should consider the SCR in light of the ORSA and challenge management on whether the SCR is appropriate” #LACseminar2013

@23floor:“ORSA should cover assessment of regulatory and economic capital now and in future” #LACseminar2013

@23floor:ORSA guidance contains 22 guidelines. 8 of these are specific to Group ORSA #LACseminar2013

@23floor:“ORSA is not intended to be an Internal Model requirement by stealth” #LACseminar2013

@23floor:KPMG survey suggests most UK insurers will prepare ORSAs in 2013. Might be delayed further now given Solvency II delays. #LACseminar2013

@23floor:Only a couple of companies represented on the ORSA Task Group have an ORSA already. #LACseminar2013

@23floor:ORSA is one of the areas insurers are least ready for #LACseminar2013

@23floor:Ok, ORSA coming up now at #LACseminar2013 I didn’t cover this in CPT so will tweet some interesting pieces now.

@23floor:#LACseminar2013 on in Joburg today. Same content as Tuesdat so no new tweets. Slides on ASSA website in a few days.

@23floor:PA90 doesn’t seem to be a good fit for male pensioner mortality. Experience much higher in early years. (Ages 50 to 65) #LACseminar2013

@23floor:Ill health retirements associated with permanently higher mortarlty in retirement. #LACseminar2013