Life in Hotels: Pebble Fountain Guest House (Pretoria)

I stayed close to the University of Pretoria recently while doing graduate recruitment at the university. A single night at the Pebble Fountain Guest House was required given the proximity to the university and the early start for the presentation.

One night at Pebble Fountain in August 2012

Price per night R600
Convenience / location Great for the university, not great for much else
Overall comfort and condition of room Not great. Peeling paint on walls, floorboards in need of a sand and seal, no milk for tea (only creamer) and a bath, toilet and basin in the same room as the bed. Clean though.
Internet Slow 1mbps connection for the entire guesthouse, with a 48 character key to log in… and the internet stopped working after an hour or so. At least it wasn’t charged for separately.
Parking arrangements Secure parking, but thanks to other guests parking “style” there was hardly space for me to park.
Check-in One quick form and I was given the keys. Full marks for limited paperwork and admin.
Room service None, but it’s a guest house so fair enough.
Didn’t try it, but the smell of a Full English Breakfast cooking was around most of the morning. Probably would have been good.
Time to settle bill Pretty quick once hte process got moving, but I had to hunt round for someone to take my payment and there was some confusion as to how many nights I would be staying. Difficult to know who’s fault that was and no particular reason to expect it to be a regular thing.
Other comments Was a little disappointed with the overall condition of the room, but I suppose it did the job for the night. Would probably look somewhere else next time though.


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