It turns out training changes even adult brains

It turns out training changes even adult brains. London cabbies brains showed marked changes before and after training, as evidenced by MRI scans. As we learn and study and train, certain neural pathways are changed and brain volume can grow in particular areas. (detailed paper here)

This shows two things to me:

  1. Education is important because it physiologically allows improved responses and ways of thinking. Literally, the process of education can make you better at what you do rather than just knowing a little more.
  2. Education shapes our way of thinking. Too much education in a narrow field, or exposure to a single methodology of approach, can blind individuals to the bigger picture and the ability to see a problem from many angles.

I love the quote “If the only tool you have is a hammer, most problems start looking like nails”. ┬áIt is so important to increase your toolkit both through broad education, but also through familiarity with a range of specific tools, software packages, methodologies and models.

Here’s to ongoing professional development!