The beginning of the bitcoin end

Ah Bitcoins: In addition to being a disastrous idea, experiencing recent crashes and fraud, the EFF has now decided that they “…don’t fully understand the complex legal issues involved with creating a new currency system.” and didn’t want to be construed as endorsing the system.

In other news, despite assurances to the contrary, I wouldn’t want to hold Greek-stamped Euros.

2 Replies to “The beginning of the bitcoin end”

  1. Surely that only matters from an aesthetic point of view; isn’t the minimum value of a 10 Euro note, the value for which it can be exchanged at the European Central Bank, minus the cost of actually having to do that? If this were not the case, then wouldn’t want to hold ANY euros.

    1. Simon – read the link and think through the ramifications of practically leaving the Euro. There is also historical precedent for this. But in other ways, yes, you’re right since it weakens the credibility of the ECB.

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