The faces of COSATU

Inspirational, courageous, challenging and for-the-people

Vavi takes a dig at Zuma’s pay

Cosatu deplores Aurora mine shootings

Cosatu applauds housing probe

Cosatu questions proposed Information Bill

Slightly paranoid

Cosatu accues government of fiddling with inflation figures to cheat workers out of a decent wage.

Dazed and confused, paranoid and hypocritical

Cosatu accues non-striking cops of disruption

Cosatu’s mad, bad economics

Cosatu doesn’t like inflation targeting (missing that high inflation hurts the poor most)

Violent disregard for life, society and freedom of association

Violence and intimidation at schools and hospitals

Teachers and office-based education officials were literally thrown out of their offices, teachers caught in classrooms attacked and patients forced out of hospital.