Book Review: Socrates and the Fox

What an utter disappointment. Clem Sunter may (or may not) know something about strategy and scenario planning, but this book does nothing to excite me. The analogy of a fox is pushed and stretched and twisted to incorporate it into every few pages with no benefit. The structure and flow of the book make it difficult to read, there is a combination of too many detailed tactical points (particularly for a book on strategy) and superficial examples that demonstrate nothing.

We are expected to take almost everything as given and accepted, with almost no time spent showing, explaining or proving why these ideas work. Add to that some standard business analysis models reworded and renamed, but giving no better (or worse) insight than the original models makes me wonder what the point of reading the book is.

Mr Sunter would have done well to have a editor with a little more backbone who could counter this weak effort and ask him to try again.