Do you speak word?

Like it or not, MS Word is the most ubiquitous document-creation application out there. There are many other great (many would argue better and certainly cheaper) products as well, but for the moment most of you know Word.

Although my point is that you probably don’t. If you use Word for creating documents of more than a few pages, with a standard format, look and feel, and haven’t heard of the following points, haul out the manuals and the books,help files and the  google  search  results

  • Show formatting marks
  • styles
  • templates
  • cross references
  • Protect Document
  • Custom menus and toolbars
  • Word Count
  • Track Changes
  • Index and Tables
  • Bookmarks
  • Fields
  • Mark formatting inconsistencies

I use all of these with almost every document. If you don’t, you should at least have made the informed decision not to, rather than being unaware of their potential.