Aftermath of 20 May 2007 bomb in Beirut

This is a different sort of post, but given the huge impacts the recent (and not so recent) events all over the Middle East have on people’s lives, countries’ economies and business decisions, it is worthwhile to recognise the very real problems that exist in these markets.
A few photos of the damage and tension after the tragic bomb blast in Ashrafieh, Beirut on Sunday evening, 20 May 2007. Several people were injured and one woman was killed when the force of the explosion caused a wall to collapse on top of her.

Sweeping up broken glass in Ashrafieh, Beirut after explosionLow light photo of Lebanese Army maintaining security near ABC mall after explosion in BeirutGarage door at ABC mall damaged by bomb-blast in BeirutStreet near ABC bomb location in BeirutThe Lebanese Army assisting and protecting at the seen of the 20 May 2007 car-bomb in BeirutBroken window in Ashrafieh near when one woman was killed after carbomb explosion in Beirut