Measures, targets and Alchemy

When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure. I first heard this quote when dealing with performance measurement and remuneration structures for senior management. In that scenario, the danger is that you get exactly what you measure rather than the good behaviours related to or driven by the metrics chosen. […]

Pricing and promoting businesses

David Maister’s blog has an interesting post about the pricing and promotion strategy for a small home-based business. In this case, it’s a pre-school looking for a pricing and promotion strategy. As always, David Maister has some useful suggestions and no doubt his wealth of readers will add some real gold in terms of suggestions […]

The place of analysis for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are hailed as saviours of modern society. The current international paradigm (and one which is growing ever stronger in South Africa) is biased towards the idea that career success requires one to create something new and build up something from scratch – head out on one’s own and conquer the earth. OK, this doesn’t […]

A bit of the science behind Google and PageRank

I’ve said before that I’m not an expert on Search Engine Optimisation, but it certainly is an interesting area where businesses of all sizes can reap definite benefits from applying a little analysis, maths and science to the problem. Have a look at this article explaining, in reasonably simple terms, some of the background behind […]

This economy of ours!

Economic data out for South Africa is painting a good, if slghtly confusing picture. The good news is that the economy is still growing healthily (not compared with China’s official growth though) and inflation has dipped down very slightly. Neither of these are truly unexpected though. Exchange rate appreciation and a relaxation in the dollar […]

Urban legends and cocktail conversation

I’ve had an idea to analyse some of the many topics that come up in conversation time and time again. Chances of winning the lotto, FNB’s Million a Month account, randomness of the iPod shuffle to name a few. I’ll try to get hold of some interesting datasets and perform some basic analysis. My aim? […]

Additional Analysis of SEOmoz web popularity data provide some great resources on search engine optimisation (“SEO”). Recently, they performed a really interesting analysis comparing actual site traffic for 25 sites that volunteered their data against indicators from a range of competitive intelligence metrics from sources such as Google PageRank, Technorati Rank, Alexa Rank and’s very own Page Strength Tool. The […]

Measuring marketing for law firms

I haven’t discussed measurable marketing initiatives yet, which is a shame because it’s one of the most important “fuzzy business decisions” that most companies assume don’t require hard analysis, measurement and good business judgement. There is a long-standing (and important) debate around whether creative advertisements achieve the stated objective of the advertising campaign. I don’t […]