Renewable Energy and Policy Risk

South African government policy and Eskom lethargy have long posed a risk to independent power providers and particularly renewable energy project developers. The rules change, policy documents take forever to be released, and ultimately the economics of the subsidies can be quite different from envisaged. FT has an OpEd on virtually the exact same issue […]

Policy should include clear views on how it will be measured

This is getting ridiculous.  Shockingly bad policy is now being shown empirically to be shockingly bad. Only thing is, the policy proponents aren’t admitting they were wrong. I get randomness. I understand that we don’t know exactly where the UK would be without austerity policies.  We don’t have a control group, there’s no clear comparison. […]

Three Years of Mumbling

I can’t believe how the same blog post is basically exactly relevant, word for word, 3 years later. Eskom produces electricity for the country and makes a profit or a loss doing so. This profit or loss goes back into treasury, which, inefficiencies aside, belongs collectively to the citizens of South Africa. If prices are […]