Visagie still around?

A comment came in today on an old article about the dodgy lending scheme Rudie Visagie was proposing. The reader “trymore” provides some details of a new deal apparently being run by Rudie Visagie. As I stated last time this gentleman’s name came up, I have no personal interest or involvement here at all. My […]

Lack of faith in ABSA house price index

ABSA appears to be restricting the access of equity in home loan accounts that were specifically sold with this feature in mind.  Moneyweb’s article on the real estate shocker has already totally nearly 70 comments. What this says about ABSA’s house price index What’s interesting is that ABSA’s house price index has remained positive throughout […]

Country Foods, mushrooms and still not the Z

Would you lend money to Country Foods Limited? According to the Z score perhaps you should have participated in the listing in October 2007. Based on their prospectus and audited financial results for the year to September 2007, their Z-score was high within the grey zone, within reach of the coveted “safe zone”. As recently […]

Rating agencies behind the curve

American International Group (AIG) fell by more than 30% Thursday as concerns about Lehman Brothers and the credit crunch deepened. This is in spite of many experts claiming (yet again) that with the Fannie and Freddie bailout the end of the credit crunch was in sight. Standard and Poor’s response: On Friday, credit-ratings firm Standard […]

Fixing the “too big to fail” problem

Call it what you will, US taxpayers now own Fredie Mac and Fannie Mae. Too big to fail Fannie and Freddie became so large that their failure would reverberate around the US financial sector, and housing market, eventually spilling over into global financial markets and possibly the global economy. Well that’s the theory. This was […]

Don’t use Altman’s Z-score for managing a turnaround

I attended workshop presented by the famous credit analyst and model builder, Professor Edward Altman. He is probably most famous for the invention of the seemingly immortal Z score, which is still in use 40 years after its creation in 1968. During the workshop, Professor Altman recounted a story about how a company managed themselves […]

Didn’t expect this? Then you were foolish.

FNB has confirmed that they will be pulling approvals for home loans on a large scale. Many seem to have been caught by surprise. Fools. To an outsider, it appears that FNB made a mistake in underestimating the trouble in the property market when they first gave these approvals. Their estimates of property price growth, […]