We can’t all be Germany

Some interesting thoughts on what drives Germany’s apparent success. The article does understate the problem that Germany’s success is significantly export driven – not everyone can export for obvious reasons. Also, the author notes that consumption has grown more slowly than economic growth without understanding that is exactly the source of an export-encouraged boom. Growth […]

No nationalisation, more certainty and probably higher taxes

There are times when I’m impressed with elements of government and the ANC. It took them far too long, they allowed too much debate and uncertainty, but their ultimate conclusions on nationalisation and how to direct additional mineral wealth back into the fiscus, further develop a beneficiation industry around the mining industry are solid. I […]

Lose a Million

The Make a Million competition, as I’ve mentioned before, is an awful idea. It doesn’t promote investing or even “normal” trading, but rather massive, speculative risk-taking trading because the prize for performing well is nothing and the prize for performing best is significant. I’m continually disappointed that Moneyweb continues to partner with this distraction. As […]

Narratives vs facts

I don’t usually write about The Final Frontier, but this article has a great parallel to what I do write about. It’s worth reading the entire article, but the main message is that we cannot use the dream or story or fairy tale of imminent migration into space and other planets as an excuse not […]

Communicating harsh truths

Communication is critically important for any business. Communication with clients and employees defines those relationships and the value they can create for everyone. Managing poor performance is tough because it’s so easy and so attractive to shy away from communicating the truth. Avoiding conflict and not addressing problems is far worse for all concerned. Robert […]

Gordhan doesn’t know what tax is

Pravin Gordhan is on record saying NHI won’t increase tax burden. He clearly doesn’t understand income and expenditure. If government spends more, more tax must be collected. If employees don’t pay the tax, employers must pay the tax. If this is directly related to labour, you’ve just increased the cost of labour without a commensurate […]