Why premium size matters (more than you think)

Most people involved with insurance recognise that more premium is better (ceteris paribus of course). This is usually true (and occasionally not) but while some of the reasons are obvious, there are a variety of more subtle factors to take into account. This post will cover many of these factors, and point out a few […]

Some of the magic behind optimising Google’s search algorithms

…and a lesson about business process optimisation that you should learn The New York Times recently posted an incredibly interesting article about Google, providing more detail about their current search algorithms and processes. Google Keeps Tweaking Its Search Engine is definitely worth a read. Reading the article made we wonder for a moment whether Google […]

Do you speak word?

Like it or not, MS Word is the most ubiquitous document-creation application out there. There are many other great (many would argue better and certainly cheaper) products as well, but for the moment most of you know Word. Although my point is that you probably don’t. If you use Word for creating documents of more […]

Markets, unintended consequences and the spam in the Feudal System

Ok, so the title will only make sense within the context of Blizzard’s hugely popular (and financially successful) World of Warcraft. WoW is, very simply, a multiplayer online game (and by multiplayer we’re not talking of 4 players here, but rather millions of players around the world) where players interact with other players and the […]

Aftermath of 20 May 2007 bomb in Beirut

This is a different sort of post, but given the huge impacts the recent (and not so recent) events all over the Middle East have on people’s lives, countries’ economies and business decisions, it is worthwhile to recognise the very real problems that exist in these markets. A few photos of the damage and tension […]