Voice authentication, spoofing and rates of change

“My voice is my password” and similar phrases have begun to be used for secure voice authentication for banks and health insurers and other critical services that require security and privacy. It’s likely that several of your own service providers will roll this out in the next couple of years. Progress, right? The problem is […]

Should South Africa import Chinese TVs?

Should South Africa import Chinese television sets? Your answer to this question depends probably on your education. If you were university educated in South Africa, you are likely to be in the market at various times in your life for a large LED backlit LCD panel with a high refresh rate and more HDMI inputs […]

How not to calibrate a model

Any model is a simplification of reality. If it isn’t, then it isn’t a model as rather is the reality. A MODEL ISN’T REALITY Any simplified model I can imagine will also therefore not match reality exactly. The closer the model gets to the real world in more scenarios, the better it is. Not all […]

Fascinating take on the advantages of reducing parking spaces

Stand aside Freakonomics, here is a very real, very current, very practical application of economics, incentives and game theory to a universal city development problem. Provide fewer parking spaces to help manage the car and parking problem in congested downtown areas. Bit by bit, for the past 40 years, the city of Copenhagen has done […]

The Primary Cause of Structural Unemployment in South Africa: Poor Education Standards and Policy

South Africa’s unemployment is a different creature from that in the US and in the developed world’s papers at the moment. We don’t have a cyclical lack of demand (although demand isn’t as robust as I’d like).  We have massive, unmanaged structural unemployment in large sectors of the economy. I say “in large sectors of […]